My Company was established to provide the highest quality construction. I am a third generation builder and master carpenter with over thirty four years of experience.About me: Paul Roure Construction is a contractor owned and operated company, and I am a true "hands-on" builder. I take pride in handling one customer and one job large job at a time! Doing it this way you and your job get my full attention to detail and the service you deserve and expect.

My project team has decades of experience that translates into beautiful finished projects, most are master tradesmen in their respected fields. Every craftsmen and person on my team was chosen for their outstanding work, excellent communication skills, and being all around great people. I personally have worked with many of these people for more then a decade. I have conducted thorough backdround checks on them all for your and my protection. I am very proud of my team and I think you will be also. We take great pride in our work and it shows.

Paul Roure, Owner